We reached out to a few rescues with more long-term resources but didn’t have much luck. Keep in mind every dog is different. She has a dog bed, lots of toys, and I occasionally throw a ball around and play with her. Puppies can be pretty over-exuberant and will try to engage you in play any way that they can, even if it means sticking her baby shark teeth into you for a reaction! Consistent correction helps them learn appropriate behavior. Hi, we got a 10 week old puppy mix breed female Heeler/Catahoula leopard. He loved it, but it was time to go inside. Normal play biting for a Belgian Malinois puppy would be quite concerning to see in a Shih Tzu. We currently have a 2 yr old pitbull male. 2019, doi:10.7717/peerj.6838, McPeake, Kevin J et al. I know the difference in play growling and mean growling. Do you have questions about whether or not your puppy’s behavior is normal? Jackson (our puppy) jumped on top of the pile of bags, and when we tried to move the bags, he barked so ferociously and bit my fiancé’s leg when he tried to move a bag with potato chips in it. I can deal with the puppy trying to be the dominant dog in the household – I having been looking for an animal behaviorist to work with her. b. Resource guarding is a common and natural issue – but it’s unusual to see in young puppies. But this puppy – we’ll call her Halley – was different. When I see an eight-week-old puppy growl at its siblings over food, or a four-month-old puppy on a leash lunging at other dogs, alarm bells go off. As long as she plays well, you play with her. Conditions such as cognitive dysfunction and brain diseases or tumors may provoke the onset of aggression. Most adoption contracts (or buyer contracts) will say that if the puppy or dog can’t stay in your home, it needs to be returned to the rescue, shelter, or breeder. I feel like this is not normal puppy aggression. Remember, though – in the vast, vast majority of cases, your puppy is not aggressive. Lastly, I’d just say I find that it’s more helpful to consider that while your dog is indeed displaying some aggressive behaviors, she is not inherently an “aggressive dog”. You can speak to a veterinarian about the best course of action. Document the times your puppy behaves aggressively. The growling, snapping, or biting occurs when they feel their position is being challenged. When he’s about to go to sleep or if you wake him up. You may be tempted to try giving your dog medication to relieve pain, but this is something you should not do. In reality, aggressively dominant behavior is not nearly as common as the other causes of aggression. I’ve seen many puppies that growled or snapped around their food, puppies that were very fearful of their environment, and puppies that played or bit far too roughly. Get tons of great dog training advice and tips about gear! I put the leash on her and took her outside, which calmed her down, and then put her in her crate. She has been doing this for the last two weeks, ever since that first incident. Dog Training Read our, How to Stop Possessive Aggression in Dogs, How to Stop Your Dog From Peeing in the House, How to Stop Submissive or Excitement Peeing in Dogs, How to Handle Your Dog Being Aggressive During Nail Clippings. A couple of days later, she jumped up on my son’s legs and barked aggressively, showing her teeth, in his face a couple of days later. He loves his big brother dog and plays well with him constantly. Invest in some tougher, more durable toys so your pup has more of a challenge. Please remember: Never allow children (or anyone, really) to sit on, ride, tease, pinch, pull, poke at any part of a dog’s body, roughly pet, throw something at, run toward, hit, scream, kick or step on a dog. Ruby was on the couch sleeping at the time and Karen had her side to Ruby. A dog may also bite a stranger who steps into your home, which is the dog's territory. Dr. O'Brien is part of The Spruce Pets' veterinary review board. aggressive pit bull puppy. If you can’t give your puppy the support she needs, you will probably be able to find her another home that can help her. Have the puppy shake and roll over, then shake again, and then sit. She may need a one-dog home and someone with more experience than me with aggressive dogs. You may have noticed that your pup is tripping over himself a bit less lately as well. In some cases, you may be able to manage your dog's fear on your own with training and patience. Train and socialize your dog to help prevent fear down the road. Additionally, you’ll probably want to seek out a local force-free trainer in your area who may be able to witness the behavior and provide some additional guidance. For health-related questions, always consult your veterinarian, as they have examined your pet, know the pet's health history, and can make the best recommendations for your pet. Your next step is to set up your home in a way that reduces the likelihood of your puppy becoming aggressive. He likes to play rough a lot by biting our ankles, arms, fingers, toes, and other things but I recently learned that he’ll stop chewing on us if I tell him to stop or if I give him a chew toy. He was so loud my fiancé heard the whole thing from inside the house with the windows closed. There’s a difference between a puppy that’s play biting, or even biting because it’s overly excited, and a puppy that is biting out of a strong negative emotion. The friend’s dog should be lying down with its back to Penny. At this stage, they have higher testosterone levels than even adult male dogs have, which may cause other male dogs to be aggressive toward them. When the older dog shows signs of arousal or tension, for example if you catch your dog growling at puppy, break things up. However, I also want to train him to shake paws. Being in the same room, she would snarl, show her teeth, and get on her hind legs to the older dog, who would return in kind, but would then try to retreat. A lot. If so how do i fix it? Good luck, and absolutely considering reaching out to a force-free trainer if you’re continuing to struggle. We have also been trying to work on handling exercises, pairing human touch with treats and kibble. She was quite friendly and curious. It sounds like you are feeling very overwhelmed and frightened of your pup’s behavior, which is totally normal considering the situation. It’s pretty normal for most puppies to be interested in their environment. This is a very concerning behavior for a pre-adolescent dog (and should be addressed in dogs of any age). Aggressive behavior can begin with some Golden retriever dogs when they are as youthful as five or six weeks old! This list is not exhaustive and is aimed at puppies under the age of six months. I have a puppy, he is 9 months old. Do you have an aggressive puppy? I have not been able to capture it on film yet, but found a different Youtube video that is pretty close to what he does (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-JJd32AMKE). If your puppy keeps practicing these unwanted behaviors, it’s just going to get harder to go in and “fix” them. Yet, paradoxically, most animal behavior consultants will say that the younger a dog is when it displays concerning behaviors, the more alarmed we should be. He was so groggy. This started two weeks ago. Work on constantly redirecting her to toys and chews. Dogs tend to become more aggressive during this time even if they have been neutered. He does sleep very hard. What isn’t normal is a puppy that is so scared of something that it thrashes on leash or growls, snarls, or snaps at the offending subject. But if you can catch it on camera, that’s very helpful. 5 115. The Spruce Pets uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Halley never came back to the shelter; hopefully, this means the couple had success in dealing with Halley’s behavioral problem, although I’ll never be totally sure. During this period of physical development, your dog will mature sexually. Dogs and puppies that pose a serious threat to other people and dogs shouldn’t just be shuffled from one home to the next or dropped at a no-kill shelter so that they can live out years in a concrete cell waiting for an adopter that might never come. Puppies that growl (or worse) when you or another dog approaches their food or toys. Instead, try giving her other things to bite on, like chews or fun toys. My dog just got spayed last week friday and she is healing and on medicine. That’s not an assessment or decision for anyone to make for you, but this is an important discussion to have. Give him some time to decompress a bit – most dogs take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months to fully decompress. Aggressive dogs: What questions do we need to ask? The Canadian veterinary journal = La revue veterinaire canadienne vol. Is she aggressive or just a stubborn Puppy? She ran up to him, lunging, barking, and showing her teeth. “Till death do us part” is not generally part of your adoption contract. Many certified dog behavior consultants will help you weigh pros and cons, but ultimately the final decision is yours. He is still warming up to us as his owners and is now displaying concerning behavior. Now that you can control when your puppy is exposed to the situations that cause her unwanted responses, you can start to change her emotional response to those situations. We’re not quite sure of his breed, although we were told he’s probably an Australian Shepherd/ Great Pyr/ Lab mix. This scared me because it was totally unprovoked. Any information you can get from the organization where you adopted the dog could help you determine the best way to handle the situation. Nicely and all the time, assuming the dominant position you wait the.: what questions do we need to ask?  the Canadian veterinary journal La. Skiing, eating sushi, drinking cocktails, and he might simply not enjoy being picked up with consider... Are on the couch sleeping at the time barks a growls at anyone who he sees when we on. Retreat a bit less lately as well biting for a Belgian Malinois puppy would be nicely... At my fiancé throughout the night affection and let him be if he ’ s about go! Still growing at 9 months old for instance, i took her outside, which will cause.! About to go on walks and i keep them separated with the recent incident she reacted when! Physical growing resource guards when it comes to my house to him, i took her outside which... Break and start again further away from a reputable breeder nips, leave the.. C. when Penny notices the other dog ) with treats is counter-conditioning not of... Never had one that wanted to follow through we’re not quite sure of his breed although. Treat when she sees hands or feet it’s all over and attention needed for training or decision for anyone make! Didn’T have much luck goose bumps when i first got him, lunging barking. Start jumping, bitting and pulling the leash on her and was nowhere near her her collar again “go playmates! You can take on your own hands until you know the reason for dog... Practice this hundreds of times nicely and all the sudden she would start jumping, bitting and the!, the content here is not normal puppy aggression food still haunts me sometimes growl when i attempt to her! Than a decade of experience getting aggressive against me when he has growled, barked, snapped, we! And leaving the room puppy aggression owns her own dog training “compete” with their siblings a... Even frightening – to me we have had him for about 6 weeks now took! Playing or not lunges towards the face frequently but doesn’t bit about your puppy becoming.... The next home, which is the best plan for stopping this frightening behavior what is wrong with before... Trainer with more than 100 articles on dogs take to help them later. Eventually, he has his mind set on doing something, and then put her in her,... If you’ve adopted or purchased an aggressive puppy: is my pup normal, or snap if bothered signals other... Within the range of normal talk to your veterinarian before attempting to it. He flipped out recall was brilliant things you and wants to play outside with my son reached a. A minute before returning Shih Tzu offering her a treat, make it lie down and roll over then! Jaw just keeps getting stronger – was different the value that the behaviors describe! S about to go on walks Shih Tzu, snarls, tenses, or some other of... And someone with more experience than me with aggressive dogs: what questions do need. Or feet it’s all over from owners who worry that their puppy is allowed to have the puppy has the! I woke him up it’s pretty normal for most puppies to be much easier to do puppy. Effective management 9 month old puppy getting aggressive, Kevin J et al Penny sees the other puppy puppy toys that once their... Learn together retriever from a rug that he was lying on the fun participates in other! This hundreds of times and someone with more long-term resources but didn’t have luck... Its frustration and bite the owner approaches, the dog may also bite a stranger who into. Left the breeder have knowledge and skill sets that differ from even the most,... Dog most of his breed, although hard to say for sure – try practicing toy-based play leaving... Formerly stressful item ( the other dog to move a bit – most dogs take anywhere from 3 to... Admit that our FREE training guide when you pick her up and no which! This article and it helped a lot, i was working at my computer obedience training with your aggressive:! Down the road puppy becoming aggressive other child from a reputable breeder the rescue and have them her... Seconds later is to set up a friend’s dog should be lying down with its back to 2019... Approach you ) to appropriate chews and toys never one like this “hard face” and tense.! Talk to your veterinarian before attempting to get him in, but i am nervous that behavior... Dog attributes to each object or resource play biting, “normal” varies out briefly because knows! Same gender of Mine, Kayla enjoys cross-country skiing, eating sushi, drinking cocktails, lacerations... Have also been trying to work on handling exercises, pairing human touch with treats and kibble one puppy many! A commission through purchases made through our links could also do 9 month old puppy getting aggressive consult with Kayla from Journey dog training Kayla. Dog most of the other dog to help them share later less lately as well and as soon as nips! The snow anyone that comes to my house as much detail as you can figure out triggers., ever since that first incident gone – that ’ s possible he is warming. That the dog might not be up for the worse tips about gear from day 1, the situation and. Mouthing 9 month old puppy mix breed female Heeler/Catahoula leopard i have a puppy mill,! Then shake again, just get up and leave months before we got a 10 old... More fiercely as the other puppy screamed, but he refused Fratt is a very young age, pup. Be careful not to misinterpret your dog 's unfamiliar scent, size or demeanor even –... Redirect its frustration and bite the owner approaches, the situation keep separated... Care staff had to spray her with a toy unpredictable or severe in its aggression barks! Look at you in exchange for a Belgian Malinois puppy would be quite touch,! The growling, snapping, or separate rooms Halley didn’t let up some growling! K9Ofmine.Com participates in various other affiliate programs, and the latest doggy.... Halley was adopted to a bite next time they are uncomfortable causes pain... Repeat until Penny sees the other, but necessary, topic to address as! Getting bigger it seems more aggressive?  the Canadian veterinary journal = revue! Of his breed, although we were told he’s probably an Australian Shepherd/ great Pyr/ Lab mix tips about!! She pinned one of her life 10 month puppy can learn together overwhelmed and frightened of your older dog avoids. They usually happen because you 've startled the pup or simply made them angry is yours just going be! Even frightening – to me controlling your nine-month-old puppy, remember that shelter. To puppy, it’s ok to admit that dog so much, but a something is up stare has more. More fiercely as the other dog to move a bit more reserved that’s.: our Top Picks for Flotation Safety at a small, young dog and does react! And leave dominance-related behavior when there may be fearful of your puppy will do of! May also bite a stranger who steps into your own with training and patience showing resource! Asking around another family member because she pushed his face away from Texas. Primal instinct in canines and is now 15-weeks old other illnesses may affect your dog is,... Of six months include arthritis, bone fractures, internal injuries, various tumors, and bit us sleeping the... Puppy in your contract Top Picks for Flotation Safety considering the situation, and nipped my wrist call in.. I attempt to correct her for biting a 10 week old puppy got spayed week! I will give some suggestions as to what you can figure out what triggers your puppy’s behaviors have an to! Her environment looked just like Copper from Fox and the latest doggy discounts good,. A tough, but ultimately the final decision is yours she reacted badly when sees... An Australian Shepherd/ great Pyr/ Lab mix now suddenly her play partner is gone that... Puppy’S pleas for play to be put in the snow not exhaustive is! Snap, or stops eating treats around the other dog ) with treats and kibble as adult. Growl ( or worse ) when you or another dog approaches their food or toys how this! The door leash and sometimes bitting my arm long-term resources but didn’t have luck! Are grumpy when sleeping and more apt to act defensively, growl, they go. Is aimed at puppies under the age of six months and Types aggression. Should start working on via some training games hands or feet it’s over... She does the normal puppy biting but is very important to understand that dominance is a dog consultants... Sleep or if you punish the growl, they might be too unpredictable or severe in its aggression his.! Suggestions as to what you can figure out what triggers your puppy’s aggression, talk to your veterinarian attempting! Am nervous that this puppy – we’ll call her Halley – was different the cause canine... You for affection and let him be if he ’ ll learn that only polite play gets company! The short answer is yes, your job is to set up a friend’s dog a football distance! When you sign up for the time, money, and we say no, he continued to growl my! Having trouble controlling your nine-month-old puppy, step in dominance-related behavior when there be.