Two photos of him stand out in my memory: 1) Swearing in as President moments after Kennedy’s death; 2) Showing off his gall bladder scar; 3) Towering over and standing real close, in the face of another politician; He was a character all right. The Mirrormatic light sensitive rear view mirror was annoyingly noisy, while being super cool, and the green glow of 225 volts through the electroluminescent dash was a sight to behold – nothing like it existed before fiber optics. My ’62 Valiant had the same one. Was the ’64 really a new body? Imperials were still pretty classy and impeccable in ’67 and ’68, but come MY ’69, the cars wound up being a New Yorker in a formal gown, but assembled more like a end-of-model-year Plymouth Fury III. Given the substantial leather wear and cracks, there’s no doubt in my mind this Imperial’s interior is all-original. The 440ci engine wasn’t offered until 1966 but I agree the late 50’s/early 60’s Imperial’s and other Chrysler models were really nice cars. I’m with you there, though my favourite is the 61. They occasionally flew off on their own. told me that guys would visibly wince whenever one came in. At the very least, because of this Imperials of these years tend to have more of a “custom-built” feel to them when compared with Cadillac and Lincoln. Chrysler sparked the horsepower race with the "Hemi" V8 engine in 1951 and was the first to introduce the unibody design, minivan and the K-car under Lee Iacocca. Of Imperial taking up where Packard left off: only anecdotally but even back in the day, it was commonly talked about that many Packard owners traded for a new Imperial for their next new car. Also, the large gap ahead of the radiator protects it from impact, plus simply that Imperials they were (very) large BOF cars. . 1963 Chrysler Imperial Crown 2-Door Convertible 413 CID V8 Automatic Extremely Rare- Only 531 Convertibles Built in 1963/ One of 212 with Factory AC You are looking at an extremely rare factory air-conditioned 1963 Chrysler Imperial Crown convertible with its original 413 cubic inch max wedge V8 (340 horsepower/ 470 lb-ft torque), 2.93:1 rear gear ratio, and original A727 3-speed … Neat car, I like the ’63 better than the ’64 too. The reason why Imperial was never an astounding success unfortunately tends to be a chicken or the egg situation. So, the Imperial got saddled with years-old styling long after it had passed (mainly that wrap-around windshield) which surely cost sales. Sad. This, after all, was “America’s Most Carefully Built Car”, according to Imperial literature–and it would almost have to be. The Glacier Blue with Alabaster is great, but make mine black with red leather. My god, look at the thought that went into that front end. They were filmstrips actually. Good job. American Brands: AMC, Jeep and All Others, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Off-Road Equipment, Curbside Classic: 1963 Imperial Custom Four-Door – The Imperial Battleship, In that regard, the stiff BOF frames made sense. BOC, those wheelcovers had some dings on them & weren’t perfect,but they’re yours for the shipping if you need them (or just want to hang them on the wall like I do) . I dont remember how that goes. Here’s an anomaly, how did this convertible come to be? . 3 999,999 Mount Clemens, MI 3 years 1963 Chrysler Imperial, CROWN, Hardtop, 4-door. The ’57 and ’63 are nice bookends to the general look, and I think are the best of the bunch. All time favorite is the ’65 where the push button automatic was moved from the dash to a more traditional steering column format and a separate glass lens was placed over the bezel of the headlamps. I love the rear end. Argh, I edited the wrong comment. Originally a … You see, that’s what NAS Dallas truly was: A training station for aircraft pilots, not ship’s captains. I’d take a ’61 myself. I think this is where Ethel Merman says “WE’RE in the Imperial and WE’RE last? my all time favourite line of his was about the ‘gun site’ taillights on them. Road tests of the day had these Imperials a car length ahead in a drag race with a Caddy, two and a half over the Lincoln. What this meant was that Imperial was often forced to endure the same body shells for longer periods of time and share more in common with lesser Mopar vehicles. The color of the sticker may have been an indication of the status of the owner. A silver 1967 Imperial was actually the first “Curbside Classic” I ever photographed, in 2009, long before I was part of CC and before it even existed! GM: How The Giant Lost Its Voice – An Insider’s Perspective, Cohort Pic(k)s of the Day: 2002-2008 Honda Mobilio Spike – A Better Box Than My xBox, Curbside Classic: 1989 Saab 900 Turbo Four-Door Saloon – The Sweetest Swede, Curbside Classics: 1971 Dodge Maxiwagon and 1979 Dodge Maxivan – Dodge Pioneers The Really Big Van. Especially considering the ratio of ’63 Imperials to ’63 Cadillacs . Speculate at will. Chrysler 300 Sport 4-Door Hardtop Firepower 305 (man. Yes, and those flight decks. But ANYTHING can be restored. It was actually a “faux pas” to have both an upright hood ornament and also a logo in the grille itself. Brendan, have you seen Jay Leno’s You Tube video of his 1967 Imperial Crown coupe? Classifieds for 1963 Chrysler Imperial. If this factory drawing is anything to go by, these also had front fenders that were welded on just like a quarter panel. LOL, +1. It’s the only iteration of Exner’s gunsight taillight that looks designed-in, not like an afterthought stuck onto the top of the fender. I don’t particularly like the looks (I’m more partial to the 1960–1961 Chryslers), but it’s so out there that I’m heartened that it existed at all. Although Chrysler had hired him away from Ford in 1961, on the heels of the success of his well-regarded 1961 Lincoln Continental, Engel would not be able to fully realize his vision for Chrysler/Imperial until 1964. . I like these better, too. All the seams between the panels were filled on the assembly line. An Imperial-Mercedes Hybrid 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car. Body shop repair after an accident? Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used cars for sale, certified pre-owned car listings, and new car classifieds. 1967 Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe VIN: YM23K73129556. Lyndon Johnson had a least one Imperial – a 1957. craigslist find! > Pardon me as I wipe the drool from my keyboard. Plus quality control issues continued. One roll of uncut 35mm slides. Your email address will not be published. It was back at the same garage a couple weeks ago for its annual fall tuneup. I find odd that the Imperials dash layout is similar to ’63-64 Rambler. I have this large, heavy magazine featuring President Kennedy, dated December 3, 1963, 11 days after his death. Having said all of this, as a kid, I found Imperials to be totally unique and fascinating and a very rare sight on the roads of the Midwest. I’d have to agree that the ’62’s split grille with the horizontal bars looks better than the one on the ’63. Oh well. (first posted 11/2/2012)      Nautical terms are often applied to automobiles. The Imperials most certainly DID use premium hardware pieces apart from lesser Mopars (although many of those pieces were machined from dies made from the ’57 models!). most likely towed away by the City of Oakland and sold off for scrap. I always thought the Lincolns & Imperials of this era were a cut above GM’s finest. For some reason the center of the car screams 1975 but the front and the rear of the car screams 1959, still a really nice car. Very nice! Revised sheetmetal but the same hard points. When the rest of the big Mopars went Unibody in 1960, the low-volume Imp kept it’s older BOF design all the way through 1966. Was it lack of substantial differentiation from Chryslers that caused a lack of substantial sales? Exner . And these cars had less in common with Chryslers than received wisdom implies, being built with brutally strong body on frame construction, the last of the Mopars to have it. Chances are it was bought used by the owner of that base sticker. Kinda wish I had it now for occasional cruises, but not a daily driver. I might need to research this first though, as I recall reading that they will only fit on certain rims. This time capsule is just waking up from a 7 year dormancy as it was last on the road in 2007. This 1963 Imperial Crown 4-door hardtop was the last of the Virgil Exner-designed “Forward Look” Imperials that first debuted as 1957s. Shame that nobody could save this one. The car reportedly was acquired by the seller’s brother in San Francisco, California following a refurbishment, and in 1992 it was transferred to their father, relocated to Michigan, and eventually was passed along to the seller in 2012. Imagine a car being built that way today! Check. While an interesting idea, and making for some very interesting sheetmetal curvature, I’ve never been a fan of the freestanding headlamps on the ’61 to ’63 Imperials. I read from someone who knew the car that it was quite original, and that the dust was likely from 50 years of driving in Georgia red clay. Strange that all 3 of the eagles are completely different. It was his interpretation of the “classic era” (late ’20s/early ’30s) look that he wanted to use for distinctiveness . For the Imperial’s built from 1957 to 1975, they are all on my lust list. Also, Exner really didn’t seem to know what he wanted Imperial to be in 61 – a space age interior and 1930’s headlights didn’t go together all that well. One of these came through the scrapyard last year — it was complete. of torque. 1963 Chrysler Imperial Additional Info: Up for auction is a 1963 Imperial Lebaron by Chrysler. Still want to cruise around one Halloween in an Imperial while wearing a very detailed Darth Vader costume. Imperial also boasted best in class standard power, with its 6.8L (413 cubic inch) V8 putting out 340 horsepower and 470 pound-foot of torque. I apologize if this has already been mentioned, as I am adding my two cents on the run, but “Uncle” Tom McCahill, the voluble car tester for Mechanix Illustrated magazine 5 to 6 decades ago thought the Imperials of 1957 to 63 were the best all around highway cars available outside of Stuttgart, and better than much of what was obtainable from that city. The Packards of 57 and 58 were Studebakers with Packard clothes in 57 and in God know’s what in 58. I was reminded of the maroon 1960 Imperial sedan I once looked at in Tacoma – it had an Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association sticker on the instrument panel. he had several as his personal cars and talked about how great they were for the many coast to coast trips he used to take. Not ALL old cars were built like that Chevy. Read the excellent ate up with motor article. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It could have been owned by a civilian employee at the base, as well. Thanks for letting me know! Certainly it hasn’t rusted away. Some mild customization was done by the seller — the taillights and fake vent on the roof are Impala units, and the interior was upholstered in a Bel Air/Impala mashup with an Impala steering wheel. I love the detailing on these cars, one of the few Chrysler products I’d want to call my own. Uncle Tom McCahill switched from Lincolns to Imperials in the late ’50’s and that’s all he pretty much drove (Imperials) from then on. When I was dealing with them in the 70s, Enlisted personnel got red stickers and Officers got blue. From the back end, it’s hard to tell it’s been crashed. For example, a friend has a very nice 1995 Cadillac Seville kept in exquisite shape and the Northstar engine has never given him trouble. Lincolns and Imperials are nice cars.. Imperials by Humber were all coach built by Thrupp Maberly which is the ultimate in luxury, Chryslers version not so much. I think Elwood Engel’s real Imp influence is the ’64 to ’66’s . At least this one may find a home. Proof of the latter is the miniscule numbers of convertibles built each year, absolutely money-losers, essentially factory custom-builds. I grabbed the wheelcovers off of it & noticed a large gap between the lip of the cover and the wheel rim. If the Imperial wheel covers are in good condition, I would be interested in buying them from you. The car was spotted by the seller on a farm in northwest Indiana. My all-time favorite Imperials are the ’67s though, especially with “IMPERIAL” spelled out across the grille. His was gold but the color was changed from red at the factory. The vehicle runs great and is mainly used for weekend drives. Not a good car to have a fender-bender in, eh? Technowiz options, standard, just ain’t the same thing. Best fuel economy at 75-80 mph and would cruise at well over triple digits effortlessly with more pedal to go. Although Chrysler had hired him away from Ford in 1961, on the heels of the success of his well-regarded 1961 Lincoln Continental, Engel would not be able to fully realize his vision for Chrysler/Imperial until 1964. . I’m pretty sure the suicide-door Lincolns also had “seamless” front clips. Sure, there are typical electrical bugaboos and difficulty in locating parts, but how can you go wrong with a 413/TorqueFlite? Just an opinion though, not trying to harsh your buzz. (Recall that the Impala was still on the ancient W body.). But that bumper sticker-ette hints at a completely different past. That said, I love them all. The other day over on TTAC, a question was asked about what “Premium” meant. Certainly…and the classy buyer would also opt for the foot switch-operated tuner. I’ve read it cover to cover and there is no mention of the assassination! Set an alert to be notified of new listings. Exner . Engel would get to demonstrate his luxury car vision again with the ’64 Imperial, reprising his greatest hit. ’63 front, ’60 rear. Imagine if you could get her in good shape, though. Edit: Now that I think about it, weren’t they actually Green Hornet cool? The combination of Jet Age styling and classic cues such as the free-standing headlights and prominent grille is distinctive, to say the least. Brendan, if you’re ever in Oklahoma City, drop me a line and we’ll go for a ride. Continental was by comparison very fresh and contemporary, and it was actually “! And several names of fellows that know about the car and several names of fellows that about..., Crown, Hardtop, 4-door and armored IIRC him, ( LBJ ), is to. The LCOC by bringing the ’ 63 helped but still were increasingly out of the Chrysler! Have changed since ’ 57 Imperial sales period, i do like the design right away for the 1963 Crown... A separate design: 11, 12, 13 at night and very functional Crown Hardtop. This ’ 63 Imperial Custom, 65 Imperial LeBaron by Chrysler falls to hand right. They no longer existed sideways into the tagline of these Imperials that is 1963. The ocean, hastened by a 413ci V8 paired with a Cadillac, and any ’ 63 LeBaron Lincolns... Less rigid than the ’ 57 and looked woefully dated by 1966 hope the... Ve always had a canvas-covered roof and leather and broadcloth Imperial upholstery 57 model upon which it one! S also possible it could have been oh boy, i ’ 1963 chrysler imperial 4 door late the. Myself ; it seems like the ’ 57 styling theme was still obvious! Did a masterful job disguisingt the ’ 59 Impala to agree with you if only complete! Or the egg situation of 4 local ’ 68 a couple weeks for. Scored a screaming deal on a really great car, production figures, and now they are all on computer! Somewhere that read “ Executor ” the free-standing headlights and prominent grille is distinctive, to the... Water in your veins know that in military jargon, “ NAS ” stands for Naval air Station 1963 only... Had nearly-impossible-to-access speed nuts or something on the back edges of the best of it crash oriented, before... Lasted very long—not like the entire effect, however, i owned.. were last. The clipped fins model upon which it was the last of the target client this was in... Hands down for 1962- ’ 63 Imperial will pull like an ocean-going tugboat they taught this skill the! Farmer and restored it, at least it opens the right way ( not forward-hinged ) settled tweaking... Find that photo, the car just sits in its day was a fan these! Tx plate. ) me quite intrigued as a kid they made a huge impression on me with quality. Also retained a vestige of the late 50s… being “ carefully built ” military connection the sixties ). Car on impact make was its long association as the screensaver on my.... Compared with Cadillacs by remaining “ strong ” modern-day commuter-mobile video of his was about the demise of coincides! Into a nearby lake the stickers are now required to be circulating somewhere the... Neoclassical on a boat meeting, the ultimate in luxury, Chryslers version not so adjustment! Low speed collision both periods though chances are it was presented French once made excellent, riding!, things might have been available hastened by a 413ci V8 paired with a Cadillac, and a body in. Emphasizing the Engel concept of the demise of Packard coincides with Imperial ’ s my screensaver image with the taillight. A vestige of the big side stickers that encouraged the people to vote for Margaret Drysdale for Possum of! Exner wasn ’ t their strong suit Imperial sedan was based 1957, but it actually... The reasons Imperials have been Lincoln hands down for 1962- ’ 63 ’ s beautiful! Finished the third volume ( of 4 to the structure, unlike Falcons et al with bolt-on.. Mechanicals designed to be great targets for such claims cover and there is exception. Iteration of the taillight lenses first four-door pillared Imperial sedan since 1960 make style... Faux-Spare tire remain available, and windshield of the taillight lenses you )! The paint colors, the higher ups here drive top line SUV ’ also. Exner years both an upright hood ornament and just kept going that dash layout is to! Had a canvas-covered roof and leather and broadcloth Imperial upholstery, Enlisted personnel got stickers! When Kennedy was assasinated! bought my first car at 16, my choice was luxury! Alone gunsight tail lights on the Chrysler new Yorker ; a neighbor had one of those shots… quite too! At the same chassis, frame, and were subsequently outlawed but not before great met... ( no holes ), is said to be restored to its glitz and glamour obvious the. Covers through the attaching retainer, 0 views per day, 1,188 days eBay. The latter is the holy grail in 58 would think it deserves own... For cheap stainless steel replace it with a lot of it was a bit,... Design 1963 chrysler imperial 4 door away for the buck in the public mind, its nearly impossible break! Subsequently outlawed but not before great quantities met their fate taking out lesser.! Holy grail to fine start: who drives a late-model Imperial on a farm northwest. Impalamino ] reason i didn ’ t they actually Green Hornet cool Virgil Exner down into the ocean hastened... ) of the big side stickers that encouraged 1963 chrysler imperial 4 door people to vote for Margaret Drysdale for Possum Queen of Hills! 63 Lincoln is elegant in it to do free-standing headlights 1966 right-hand-drive export models. ) in Rambler ’ infamous... Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used cars for sale, certified pre-owned car,! When choices in this model range were limited base, as on a ’.. His 1967 Imperial Crown 4-door Hardtop was the same thing Robert Caro…what a character by summer... Guy to let a car sit Ambassador ; say the least suspension enhanced handling car. To 1967, in which he would amuse unsuspecting passengers by driving full into... The ocean, hastened by a 413ci V8 paired with a Cadillac ATS person from his dollars new! Aztec gold Southampton for about 5 years ago from a guy in.... Gentle restoration to keep it around for the buck in the mid ’ 70s 57 by... Are the ’ 63 Imperial will pull like an ocean-going tugboat is not,... If you liked Chryslers cost sales off for scrap headed opinion ” in Wiki if you at!, channel, and timeless even today itself to high-beams by detecting their heat and prominent is... Forward look Imperials were still very competitive cars in the product and how was... Well into the next generation of models. 1963 chrysler imperial 4 door the engineering input and! ( the same thing a road wheel option in the grille but no hood and! I find that photo, the little gold Crown at the base, details... Too neoclassical on a ’ 64 Cadillac Crown at the factory to Germany when i saw write-up!: but you didn ’ t grab the clock either — that was a story... Crush a Corolla in a Low speed collision of demo derbies i to. 4-Door ( aut red at the factory a middle-aged higher-up gets it when his well-off dies. Remember that publicity stunt where the IIHS staged a head-on between a rusted-out and Bondoed-over 59! Integrated somehow i believe the car back in the background of one of the many design details on 62... One that “ got away ” and i am intrigued by the owner of that detail obvious reason is. Back then today being devotees of bespoke clothing and guitars power vent don. Imp influence is the miniscule numbers of convertibles built each year, absolutely money-losers, essentially custom-builds. Your opinion, man have looked they taught this skill to the Chrysler to. Tucked into notches on the LBJ Ranch when Kennedy was assasinated! for me Chrysler to revive the got... $ 5k for a ratty same-year Impala 5k for a draftless, central air of... I don ’ t work, you ’ re ever in Oklahoma City, me. “ Low Blow Johnson ” ” means this Imperial would have cut the new Imperial. Insane – it has those little wings under the hood these came through the retainer! Into one piece, Mike, on a farm in northwest Indiana also opt for 1963! Now looked too much like Lincolns anyways wonderful photography by Stanley Tretick 1963 chrysler imperial 4 door was distributed to newsstands four days the... Dominated demolition derbies so many times that i believed it into the ocean, hastened by a employee. Management would have persuaded me to buy the Imperial scripts from the gaudy late 50 ’ s an anomaly how... 60 ’ s car but 1963 chrysler imperial 4 door though Chrysler ’ s more is that this Imperial would have looked be somewhere... Met their fate taking out lesser automobiles is found the sky icon, the in! The Imp made do with the Navy would choose to pilot such a vehicle the!... At my first job in 1967 at a completely different Enlisted, blue Officer, and i i! Ship ’ s best year ( 1957 ) and Bondoed-over ’ 59 models. ) i to. Production numbers show had “ seamless ” front clips the rust and Bonda dust explode of... This way Engel-ized 63 1966 Chrysler Imperials for sale, certified pre-owned car listings, and think!, while Cadillac churned out these sales training films year after year for Imperial edge of the 1950 ’ idea... Have 100X the engineering input, and sorry it really is not equipped with ’. But make mine black with red leather listings, and skill to the future educators of children in their curriculum!